Pippa Middleton at her London book launch
Pippa Middleton at her London book launch

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Pippa Middleton's first foray into publishing has had a slow start.

The 29-year old party planner's new book, 'Celebrate: A Year in Festivities for Family and Friends', sold a smidge over 2000 copies in its first week on sale, according to the Telegraph in the UK.

Already it has been spotted in bookstore bargain bins, and you can buy the hardcover book online for just $30.

Publishing house Penguin reportedly advanced Middleton, one of Time's 100 most influential people in the world in 2012, £400000 (AUD$610000) for the book.

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Some have poked fun at the book's distinct 'stating-the-obvious' tone. Twitter account @Pippatips has attracted 20k followers with its (we hope) satirical tweets inspired by 'Celebrate', including gems such as "cushions are a great and funky way of making seating more comfortable" and the ingenious "cutlery like knives and forks and spoons and sporks are a great way of eating without getting your fingers dirty".

It must be said that at times it's difficult to distinguish between Pippa's published tips and the parody.

In the younger Middleton sister's defense, despite the revelatory titbits of advice she offers up in 'Celebrate' (who would have ever thought to roast a turkey at Christmas?!), it is a beautiful book to look at.

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