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In fact, depending on what type of cheese you eat before bed, you could enjoy a dream about a celebrity, bizarre dreams of talking cats or a good night's sleep.

"Eating different types of cheeses gave people different types of dreams,” says Nigel. “For instance, Stilton produces very vivid, sometimes bizarre dreams, Red Leicester had people revisiting their schooldays and Cheddar made people dream of celebrities!"

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Volunteers were asked to eat a small amount of cheese half an hour before they went to bed, every day for a week. 75 percent of volunteers said they slept pretty well every night and most of those could remember and report their dreams.

“The science of that, we think, is that there is an essential amino acid in milk called tryptophan,” Nigel told “Now tryptophan is known to be something which is helpful in normalizing sleep and reducing stress levels. That seemed to make sense to us.

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“What was really wacky was that the type of cheese that people were eating seemed to give them different types of dreams.”

British Brie was said to be great for women, who may experience ‘pleasant’ dreams of a celebrity, while men who ate the same cheese were said to have ‘odd’ dreams.

Another cheese that will have you nodding off to dream land to party with celebrities is Cheddar, with one lucky participant dreaming of sitting in a pub with Katie Price.

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If you’re not happy in your current job, then the Cheese Board recommends chowing down on Lancashire – two thirds of people who ate Lancashire during the study had a dream about work – with only 30 percent of participants dreaming of their current occupation.

Feeling nostalgic? Then get eating Red Leicester – 60 percent revisited their schooldays, long lost childhood friends or previous family homes and hometowns.

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As for whether cheese gives you nightmares, the British Cheese board says no, but it does appear to increase dream intensity, which can help you remember your dreams, and produces more vivid and emotionally charged dreams.

If you are suffering from reoccurring nightmares, then consider eating some Cheshire – most of the participants enjoyed a good night sleep without any dreams at all.

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