The 'Diabetes' dessert. Credit: Twitter
The 'Diabetes' dessert. Credit: Twitter

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A popular Sydney café has apologised after launching an 'offensive' secret menu item.

Last week the Paramount Coffee Project in Surry Hills announced the launch of a new dessert via a Facebook status update.

“DIABETES: the first addition to our secret menu. It won’t be written down, you have to ask for it…So come on in and ask for DIABETES,” read the post.

The dessert in question was a jam cronut with peanut butter ice cream, dulce de leche, drenched in espresso – a decadent dish that Elvis would have loved.

PCP deleted initial post after it attracted hundreds of often abusive comments from people offended by the flippant reference to a serious illness.

Irate commenters then took to the café’s reviews page to vent their disapproval.

“Would you name a dessert after Muscular Dystrophy? Or cancer? These are diseases, not names of food,” wrote Sara Lee Brown.

Although PCP have tried to hose down the furore with an apology issued via Facebook, the social media storm continues.

The cafe's apology. Credit: Facebook

Many of the critical Facebook comments came from type 1 diabetes sufferers who took offence to the implication that they caused their illness by eating OTT desserts like this one.

Parents of children with diabetes also registered their disapproval of the name.

“Have you ever held a child of 3yo in your arms as they convulsed from a hypoglycemic seizure, screaming in pain, eyes rolled back in their head while you tried to dial paramedics? How about sitting bedside praying your child doesn't slip into an irreversible coma due to hyperglycemia. Your pathetic dessert doesn't even come close to diabetes,” wrote Laurie Bell.

An angry Facebook comment. Credit: Facebook

Others couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. James Fitzell wrote that he found the joke "witty and not at all offensive."

"No one bats an eyelid when a restaurant calls itself "Heart Attack Grill", with burger names like Quadruple Bypass but for some reason a clever name for a sugary dessert gets everyone up in arms. Personally it sounds like an awesome dessert to me, I want to try it!"

If, like James Fitzell, you want to try the controversial dessert too, you still can. Just ask for the Candy Mountain.

What do you think of the Diabetes dessert - humorous or in poor taste? Let us know at the Y7 Lifestyle Facebook page.

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