The Killer Python comes in a new smaller 'treat-size'.
The Killer Python comes in a new smaller 'treat-size'.

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Much-loved children’s lolly, the Killer Python, has been cut to half its original size.

Confectionary giant Nestlé announced today that the Killer Python will now be sold in a smaller “treat-size” portion, reducing its kilojoules from 630 to 336.

The controversial move is part of Nestlé’s bid to be seen to be supportive of its customers’ health and wellness.

In a press release issued today dietitian Melanie McGrice says reducing the serving size of confectionary helps people who have trouble judging portion size control their calorie intake.

“A 10 year old can now run off a Killer Python in around 30 minutes. With the previous size, it would have taken almost an hour,” she says.

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The reaction on social media has ranged from tepid support to outright despair, with many critics calling into question the smaller lolly’s claims on the title ‘Killer Python’.

“Devastated that pythons are now ‘treat size’…..WHAT???? Python’s (sic) were pythons because they were BIG – very sad… Not fun for the kids at all any more,” wailed Natika Mitselburg on Allen’s Facebook page.

“Downsized pythons are just snakes no matter how many you put in bag,” wrote Wendy Sullivan, another miffed Killer Python fan.

The price for an individual, slimmed-down python is set to be halved from $1 to 50c. While the price of a medium bag of Killer Pythons will remain the same at $2.95, its net weight has changed from 180g to 192g.

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