You’ve been peeling bananas wrong

If you’ve ever watched a monkey peel a banana, you might have noticed that they do it a little differently.

11 foods you’re peeling wrong

11 foods you’re peeling wrong

Instead of holding the banana from the stem, they flip it upside down and start peeling from the bottom.

Curious we know, but they have a really good reason for it. Turns out that if you pinch the butt end of a banana, the skin comes apart and makes it very easy to pull away, particularly when you’ve got a banana whose stem is still green!

Looks like those chimps are onto something!

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And it isn't only bananas that we humans are stuffing up. Getting the shell of a boiled egg is a hassle, right? So is peeling potatoes. And oranges! So annoying.

But there's actually a really simple way to do peel all these foods as you'll see in the below videos. Watch and learn people.

The quickest way to peel an egg:

How to easily peel peaches:

How you should be peeling and grating ginger:

The easiest way to peel potatoes:

The fastest way to peel apples:

The best way to peel kiwis:

8. How to easily cut and peel a mango

Two useful ways to peel a carrot

How to peel a pomegranate:

The quickest way to peel an orange:

How to get the skins off tomatoes:

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