If you're anything like us, the Christmas tree in the corner of your living room will be there until after New Year's Eve.

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miniature easter basket diy with tiny painted easter eggs


But don't get too comfortable, because it seems the Easter promotions are already here – and this one really takes the (chocolate) cake.

Notice something about the eyes? They're diamonds. Source: VeryFirstTo

Hand-carved by master chocolatier Martin Chiffers, the 5kg treat took two days to make.

Yep, just make sure you don't accidentally eat the sparkly bits. Source: VeryFirstTo

But while we're sure the bunny tastes delicious, it's his peepers we're more interested in – each one is a perfectly cut, 1.70ct round diamond!

1.70 carrots each. Sorry, carats! Source: VeryFirstTo

Worth a cool $85,000, the luxury bunny – available for sale from website [www.veryfirstto.com|Very First To] – isn't for everyone, but hey. You've still got a bit of time to save up!

We'd be proud too if we could afford to be in the same room as that bunny. Source: VeryFirstTo
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Chef creates chocolate cake as tribute to Banksy


VIDEO Creative chefs really do love chocolate! Chef creates chocolate cake as tribute to Banksy

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