Healthy lunches you can make with leftovers

Eating a healthy lunch at work doesn’t have to mean forking out $22 on an overpriced café salad or eating a plate of kale with a can of tuna you've scrounged out of the pantry. Instead, you can throw together leftovers and scraps from your dinners at home to make delicious lunches which are healthy and tasty! These easy ideas from staffers at I Quit Sugar will ensure your work lunch is good for you...and will give you the energy you need to make it through to 5pm!

Throw together scraps to make delicious veggie bowls for lunch! Source: Maddy/I Quit Sugar

Healthy lunches made with... leftovers

Healthy lunches made with... leftovers

“Super freekeh” roast chook veggie bowl.

Cabbage anyone? Source: Matt/I Quit Sugar

Matt took turned a boring old cabbage into three delectable and wholesome meals. Talk about saving some CASH!

His healthy bowl consists of leftover roast chicken, freekeh (green wheat), frozen peas and broccoli.

More veg than you can shake a skewer at.

Next day roast veggies are the BOMB! Source: Rachel/I Quit Sugar

Rachel’s leftover lunch is some veggies and halloumi banged on a skewer, smashed potatoes and a small fillet of peri-peri salmon.

“There are all the colours of the rainbow here (well, except blue, but show me a blue vegetable). It was delicious – tasted even better the day after," she said.

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One-pan, no-plan, pea pilaf.

Turn homemade fried rice into a wholesome pilaf! Source: Camilla

Camilla was given homemade fried rice and managed to turn it into a delicious pilaf by adding some wholesome egg and veg.

“I warmed the rice and veg in a hot oiled pan (but you can use a microwave) and threw in with some frozen peas and an egg for a bit of protein. All in all, it cost me, like, a dollar?," Camilla said.

Low-cash freezer stash mish-mash in a flash.

Check out this kermit mish-mash in a flash. Source: Hannah/I Quit Sugar

Somebody alert Kermit, because Hannah has proven that it really is easy being green.

She out-greened the whole office with this nutritious bowl of soaked lentils, buckwheat, salad greens, cucumber, avocado and feta.

Hannah said she smashed up the underripe with feta, lemon and salt and ate it on a crispbread.

Blue cheese bechamel baked vegetable stack.

Are you not drooling over your screen looking at this divine blue cheese sauce! Source: Becky/I Quit Sugar

Becky doesn't just have the good hair, she has the skills to create this mouth-watering blue cheese bechamel sauce drizzled over sweet potato, broccoli and spinach.

“I made the blue cheese bechamel in advance and heated it up with some leftover veggies and wilted greens in the microwave. Quick and healthy lunch for a busy Friday," she said.

V-eggies (veggies with an egg thrown on top).

"All up, it took less than five minutes and cost me less than five dollars!” Source: Lauren/I Quit Sugar

Lauren already knows the tricks of the trade – when in doubt, add an egg. It certainly completes her plate of roast sweet potato, broccoli and carrots, don’t you think?

She said she heated her roasted veg in the microwave, fried up an egg.

Lauren said: "All up, it took less than five minutes and cost me less than five dollars!”

“Bowl you over” buddha bowl.

This bowl is succulent and sustainable. Source: Maddy/I Quit Sugar

Maddy showed off her perfect lunch combo of roasted veg and fresh cherry tomatoes with some greens, pesto and feta, it looks seriously beautiful!

“By the end of the week I’m scouring the fridge for leftovers. But because my fridge is normally full of my favourite ingredients, they end up going pretty well together! And it’s sustainable, too," Maddy said.

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