Most kids are lucky if they get a bowl of Weetbix or some toast before they get bundled off to school.

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be chats to my kitchen rules judges manu feildel and pete evans ahead of 2017 season


VIDEO Be chats to My Kitchen Rules judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans ahead of 2017 season. Source: Be be chats to my kitchen rules judges manu feildel and pete evans ahead of 2017 season

Not celebrity chef Pete Evans’ daughters though, who are treated to an incredible cooked brekky of organic eggs, veggies, bacon… and fish eggs.

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The My Kitchen Rules star posted a snap of his 10-year-old daughter Indii’s breakfast on Instagram, showing off a bowl packed full of bright veggies, pickles and healthy foods.

Devoted dad Pete shared his daughter's healthy breakfast bowl on social media. Photo: Instagram/chefpeteevans

“Little Indii's breakfast before school today,” Pete captioned the snap.

“Organic eggs, broccolini, bacon, lettuce, avocado, fish eggs, kraut and the eggs are topped with chimmichurri.”

Packed full of all things organic, Pete's daughter Indii scoffs this down before school. Photo: Instagram/chefpeteevans

While we’re guessing kids (and adults too) might balk at the idea of eating fish eggs first thing in the morning, the celeb chef’s daughters have clearly inherited their dad’s adventurous palate.

“The girls favourite food is fish eggs so we get a jar every week as a treat from @yarvalleycaviar and they have a teaspoon on their breakfasts a few days a week,” Pete explains.

Pete's proud that his daughters Indii and Chilli take an interest in where their food comes from. Photo: Instagram/chefpeteevans

“Indulgence doesn't always have to mean sweet!”

Pete, who also has a 12-year-old daughter, Chilli, is known for his clean eating and Paleo philosophy when it comes to food.

Pete's social media is full of snaps of his intricate and healthy meals. Photo: Instagram/chefpeteevans

And while parents might be looking at this and filing it under “Ain’t nobody got time for that”, according to Pete, this intricate brekky bowl can be whipped up in a flash.

“This takes less than ten minutes from start to finish (chimmichurri was already in the fridge from yesterday),” he explains.

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Healthy breakfast meal in under a minute


VIDEO Healthy breakfast meal in under a minute. Source: Rumble Healthy breakfast meal in under a minute

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