Kitchen hack proves we've been cooking pasta all wrong

If there’s one good thing about summer being over, it’s the arrival of our favourite season of all – carb season.

Kitchen hack: we've been cooking pasta wrong this whole time

Kitchen hack: we've been cooking pasta wrong this whole time

And pasta lovers can rejoice, because we’ve found an incredible kitchen hack that might just revolutionise your cooking technique.

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While most of us might chuck some spaghetti into boiling water and leave it at that, a Youtube clip by chef Donal Skehan proves there’s a much better – and way more delicious – way of serving up our favourite dish.

Never used a frypan to cook pasta? It's time to start. Photo: Youtube/Donal Skehan

Controversially, it involves a frying pan.

In the clip, Donal chops up his ingredients for the sauce – garlic, chilli, onion and basil – and pops that along with his uncooked pasta into a pan.

Rather than boil your pasta in water, add the liquid in with all your ingredients. Photo: Youtube/Donal Skehan

Season to taste, drizzle in some olive oil and then add some liquid in the form of either chicken stock or water.

From there, it’s as simple as counting down 10 minutes, making sure to stir, and voila – deliciously easy pasta.

One pot pasta means less washing up at the end too. Photo: Youtube/Donal Skehan

Not only does it look like one incredible carb hit, the best bit is there’s only one pot to wash afterwards.

We’re sold.

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