Coffee fried chicken is a thing

Nothing fowl about this dish.

See what I did there?

Sydney's coolest fried chicken joint Butter is making your tricked out food collab dreams come true by creating a Nespresso coffee-infused menu.

Mmmm coffee and chicken. Photo: Be

Be went down to the Surry Hills eatery and champagne house (it's also a sneaker store!) to see how head chef Julian Cincotta makes the magic happen.

A little deep fryin' never hurt anyone! Photo: Be

Julian made us his sweet & sticky coffee-glazed chicken tenders – using Nespresso Rosabaya de Colombia Grand Cru coffee.

First he coats the chicken in Butter's legendary batter recipe, then it gets a hit of the deep fryer for maximum crisp.

With his Nespresso collab, head chef Julian's practically George Clooney! Photo: julianvcincotta Instagram

A shot of Nespresso coffee is added to caramel to create a hectic glaze.

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Add a few secret herbs and spices and then Julian drizzles the glaze over the chicken.

Photo: Be

It's actually heaven.

“This collaboration celebrates everything that young people love; think quality coffee, fried chicken, hip hop and sneakers. What more could you want?” says Julian.

The ideal match. Photo: Be

It sure does!

Other menu bits include:
Chicken burgers with coffee mayo – using Nespresso Arpeggio Grand Cru coffee
Coffee and icing sugar dusted donuts – using Nespresso Rosabaya de Colombia Grand Cru coffee
Nespresso Martini slushie – using Nespresso Ristretto Decaffeinato Grand Cru coffee

Available until Monday April 17.

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