Here's where to find Chicago-style deep dish pizza in Australia

What's better than cheesy, saucy pizza?

Cheesy, saucy pizza made in a deep dish set in a Godfather-themed bar.

Yep, proper Chicago-style deep dish pizza has landed Down Under and can be found at Johnny Fontane's in Sydney's Darlinghurst.

Co-owner Thomas Derricott, who also owns space-themed Cat cafe Catmosphere, says his take on Chicago's most famous food item certainly has a Sydney twist.

Deep dish pizza has landed in Sydney. Photo: Be

"Our deep dish is not as deep as the Chicago ones - ours are still very filling but not over the top," Thomas explained.

Johnny Fontane's take on the Chicago classic is about half as deep as the American version. Photo: Instagram

" Our head chef is from Chicago so that really helps."

Traditional deep-dish pizzas are usually around three inches deep, but the Johnny Fontane version is about half that - so we feel like they are much healthier.

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That's what we're telling ourselves anyways.

Sydney's first deep dish pizza joint opened in March in Darlinghurst. Photo: Instagram

Be tried The Capone: that's the original Chicago-inspired recipe of pork and veal meatballs, super saucy tomato sauce, herbs, and lots of mozzarella cheese.

Head chef Cy Gwynne makes the dough by hand right in front of us.

Other menu items include pork belly arancini balls, pasta and bruschetta. Photo: Instagram

He then drapes it across the bottom and up the sides of the pan and layers slices of mozzarella cheese along the base. Next is the meatballs and spices followed by more cheese which makes us very happy.

Our pizza-pie is then blanketed in special tomato sauce and topped with some greenery.

Be tried The Capone: Veal meatballs and special tomato sauce. Photo: Instagram

The crust is perfect - kind of like a savory pie smothered in stringy cheese. It's much lighter than its US cousin so you can eat more of it!

Johnny Fontane's 1940s mafia-inspired cocktail list is impressive and the Mob-themed decor is tasteful and not tacky. Think green velvet chairs in the candle-lit gangster lounge, marble top tables and mug-shots of mob bosses on the walls.

The courtyard dining out the back brings big Sicilian vibes. Photo: Instagram

The showstopper is the Cuban-style smoking terrace out the back that looks over the Sicilian garden dining area - a nod to Johnny Fontane's heritage. The terrace is where you can puff on Cuban cigars that are sold behind the bar!

The Cuban-style smoking deck. Photo Johnny Fontane's

"This was originally going to be a Viking bar," Thomas said.

"But I found out there was already a Nordic-themed bar in Sydney so I wanted to do something that no one else was doing."

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