Healthy PAC-MAN dumplings are a thing

This is not a drill!

PAC-MAN dumplings exist and they’re the latest food trend we’re frothing over.

New Sydney venue Cha Li Boi is proving arcade machines and modern day gadgets aren’t the only way to enjoy the 80’s computer game.

PAC-MAN dumplings are the latest food hybrid we're obsessing over

The dish is a drastic twist on classic yum-cha. The steamed, pillowy dumplings are made into the shape of the famous PAC-MAN ghosts while the actual PAC-MAN comes as a puffy deep fried sweet potato #YASS!

It doesn’t just look cute as a button; it’s amazing for the hips too. The dumplings are gluten free and made from fresh organic produce #healthyliving.

You can choose from a selection of fillings prawn and sea parsley, mung bean, kohlrabi and mushroom. However you choose from the latter three options, you'll be able to hashtagging your Insta pic #VEGAN.

The dumplings are gluten-free and can be made vegan when selecting the sea parsley filling #healthy.

Be sat down with Cha Li Boi founder Nahji Chu (she’s the legend behind MissChu) and she told us the whole idea is to “make people laugh and smile” and “have fun with good quality food.”

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The PAC-MAN dumplings were created to make people happy and not to take food too seriously.

Other menu highlights include the Peking Duck pancakes, Hong Kong-style mud crabs and the wok fried scallops in house-made XO sauce.

Team the cool menu with the slick sundrenched venue, which boasts 285 seats spread out amongst long tables and gorgeous booths, and you’ve got yourself the perfect place for that long lunch with mates.

The industrial restaurant sits 285 people spread out amongst long tables and glamorous booths.

MSG-free yum cha in the shape of the retro PAC-MAN? Yes please!

Want to get your hands on these bad boys? Cha Li Boi is located Level 1, 9-13 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction NSW 2022!

We give these guys two thumbs up!

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