Internet goes wild over avocado with NO seed

Imagine how much avo on toast you could get out of this piece of art!

Apparently it’s the millennials’ treat of choice, and now a photo of an avocado WITHOUT its seed has sent internet users into a tizzy.

An Imgur user posted the picture online with the caption: “Uh, our avocado is broken.”

Is this the world's most perfect avocado? Photo: Imgur

And immediately users started commenting.

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“You’ve found the world’s most perfect avocado,” one wrote in response.

It's beautiful. Photo: Imgur

“That’s the opposite of a problem,” said another.

It’s one of the pesky problems with the humble avocado – having to remove the large stone inside without losing half the goodness.

Some users said the image was fake. Photo: Imgur

Of course there were some people that had to burst everybody’s bubble, claiming the image was fake, and that the fruit has been photo shopped.

The user denied the allegations in the comments though - and said when they opened the avocado, there was only a very small hollow pit underneath a tiny dark blemish on one half of the fruit.

Smashed avo for everbody!

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