Get ready for activated charcoal rum-infused hot dogs

We can’t really get around activated charcoal in the form of toothpaste and all-body blackhead masks but we’re all about anything to do with a hot dog.

Kraken Rum have invented a black hotdog bun (made with the lovely activated charcoal) with rum-infused caramelised onions and they are as Insta-worthy as they are delicious.

Black hot dogs

Introducing The Kraken Rum black hot dogs. Photo: Be

So, we know eating activated charcoal has been a thing for a while now. The ‘black cuisine’ comes in for form of ice-cream, burger buns, health drinks, donuts and cakes.

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We guess the ebony eatables are here to stay!

Kraken-themed menu itmes on offer at the Kraken Karnival at Marrickville's Vic on the Park

You can get your mitts on the black hotties at The Kraken Karnival - a two-day festival of darkness at Sydney’s Vic on the Park pub. Sorry, kiddies this one’s for those 18 years and older.

Wash your dyed-black dawg down with a rum Espresso Martini, garnished with white Persian fairy floss.

Espresso Martini

Who doesn't love an espresso martini with fairy floss on top? Photo: The Kraken Rum

We’re just keen to see the four-metre helter skelter wrapped in the attacking tentacle of the Kraken parked in the Vic’s car park!

Weekend sorted.

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