Fancy chiko rolls exist - and they’re delicious

They’re the food icon that dominated childhood memories, road trips, and forlorn looking bain-maries all around Australia.

Now the chiko roll has had a makeover – and they’re looking better than ever.

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Found at Sydney’s fun Bondi eatery China Diner, the chicken and sesame ‘chiko’ spring rolls with blood plum sauce turn your childhood fave into something you’re happy to chow down with a cocktail in hand (Be’s pick was the chilli-infused passionfruit tipple, Tropic Thunder.)

China Diner review

They don't look like the chiko rolls you know... Photo: Instagram

China Diner cocktails

Aloe vera soda, vodka and lychee make up the Aloe Aloe?, while chilli fiends will love the fruity Tropic Thunder. Photo: Be

They’re not the only tasty bites perfect for those who want to snack the night away and avoid getting main meal FOMO.

China Diner pork bao

Check out that crackling. Photo: Be

Crispy pork bao with apple and carrot kimchi combine all the best flavours and textures in one too-easy to eat bun.

Carnivores will happy dance their way through pork ribs, which are sticky with sweet peking sauce and sesame. The wait staff know what’s up – moist towelettes are handed out in preparation for the finger licking that follows.

China Diner pork ribs

You'll be fighting for the last one of these sticky ribs. Photo: Be

If reinvented chiko rolls make the Chinese food purist inside of you shudder, there’s also a huge range of dumplings to choose from.

A mixed steamed dumpling basket made up of prawn dumplings, chicken and corn shu mai and China Diner’s Heavenly 8 green dumplings tick all the boxes.

China Diner dumpling

All your dumpling faves in one little bamboo steamer. Photo: Be

Need something more substantial? The Massaman curry of wagyu beef shin, potato and roast peanut is one of the better curries Be has eaten – and is packed full of tender meat chunks to make it a surefire crowd pleaser.

China Diner curry

Warning: you'll need serious stomach space for this hearty Massaman curry. Photo: Be

Speaking of crowds, China Diner is surprisingly big. With cosy booths, moody lighting and a buzzy vibe even mid-week, it's perfect for group dinners or those early get-to-know-you dates.

Moist towelette optional!

China Diner Bondi bar

Perfect first-date lighting right here. Photo: Instagram

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