Source: Rumble
Source: Rumble

Whether you’re a fire-extinguisher-at-the-ready type cook, or the next Masterchef in the making, this video is guaranteed to change your life.

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With peeling veggies probably one our least favourite kitchen activities, these incredibly easy hacks might just change that.

Not only do they cut back on time, these peeling tricks will save you from some of the smells and mess of cooking.

Here’s some of the foods we’ve been peeling wrong this whole time:

Learn the secret to peeling those annoying little skins off garlic – and keep your hands smelling clean in the process.

They’re slippery little suckers, so here’s how to peel a kiwifruit without pulverising them to a green mush in the process.

Source: Rumble

Love fish but hate finding stray scales stuck to your kitchen tiles for weeks afterwards? Try this.

Source: Rumble

It’s the 21st century – surely there’s an easier way of peeling potatos. Oh wait, there is…

Source: Rumble

You’ll need a chopstick for this ingenious way of pitting cherries.

Source: Rumble

Never get stuck with gritty bits of egg shell ever again with this time-saving tip.

Source: Rumble

Forget using a peeler, this way of cleaning carrots is much easier.

Source: Rumble

Watch the video above to find out these genius kitchen tips.

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