Four ways to not forget your reusable bags

Olivia Morris
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Ever been in that situation where you get to the till after doing your weekly shop and realising, “Damn I’ve forgotten my reusable bags.”

Then you have to painstakingly you have to end up using the grey plastic bags on offer at the supermarket.

Here’s some tips to help you remember your reusable bags. Source: Columbia Pictures

Firstly, they always end up with holes in them and secondly, they are so bad for the environment.

Well, come July 1st plastic bags will be a thing of the past and when you forget your reusable bags, you won’t be able to rely on the plastic ones.

But don’t worry we’ve got you covered – here’s four useful tips to help you make sure you remember your reusable bags.

Stash them in your car boot

It’s simple, yet effective – just make sure the bags are in the boot of your car.

Make sure your reusable bags are always in your car boot. Source: Getty

Voila. When you drive up to your local grocery store and you get your handbag out of the boot, you also get out your reusable bags.

And yes, we do understand you’ve got to remember to put them back into your car the next time you go out.

Simple. Leave them in a place you know you won’t forget them.

By your coat, by the door, by your keys. Near anything you know you grab before you leave the house.

Invest in small nylon bags

If stashing them in your car boot, remembering to put them in the car or the fact that you don’t have a car are all problems you face, then you need to invest in the small nylon bags on offer.

Invest in these nifty nylon bags. Source: Getty

They’re probably the closest thing you’ll get to resembling a plastic bag.

They fold up to the size of a makeup mirror and weigh nothing.

You can easily carry them around in your handbag without them taking up too much space.

The best thing about them is if you find yourself on a quick run to the shops for only a few items, ding ding ding, you’ve already got a shopping bag with you.

Start your shopping list with ‘BAGS’

Again, very simple and unless you’ve supersonic photographic memory, we’re pretty sure you’ll always be writing a shopping list.

Write ‘BAGS’ at the top of your shopping list. Source: Getty

Just make sure instead of starting off your list with milk, bread or potatoes put bags at the top of the list.

Soon it’ll be so drilled in your mind to remember them, you won’t even need to write them on your list.

Alternatively, why not put a reminder on your phone?

Make it a family activity

If you’ve got young kids, this will be a game changer… literally.

Make it a challenge for your children, “So, kids who’s going to be the ones to remember the reusable bags today?”

Get the kids involved! Source: Getty

Maybe offer a gold star as a reward and if they reach a certain number of gold stars that warrants a treat and we all know kids love treats.

You could also try making it a super important task – because it is.

Lots of children love to feel important and be put in charge of tasks.

We hope these tips help with the impending change for plastic bags on July 1st. Happy shopping, everyone.

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