Freaky bottle shop poltergeist rattles spirits

Kristine Tarbert

This is the super spooky moment a customer at a bottle shop nearly jumps out of his skin as a shelf of drinks collapses for seemingly no reason.

The shopper, wearing jeans and a black shirt, is standing in an aisle surveying what's on offer, two bottles already in his hand.

When suddenly, the whole shelf seems to buckle and bottles come cascading onto the floor, scaring the bejesus out of the poor guy.

Just a customer shopping for some booze. Photo: Jukin
Next minute... bam! Photo: Jukin

Caught on the store's surveillance footage, two workers come rushing to the spill and start moving boxes and bottles away from the 'haunted' shelf.

It's not been made clear what actually caused the shelf to move.

Definitely a poltergeist.

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