Margot Robbie reveals funny way she met Ellen DeGeneres during honeymoon

Emma Shepherd

Aussie actress Margot Robbie has appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show on Wednesday revealing the first encounter she had with the television host, and this is a story you have to hear to believe, especially since Obama is involved.

The 27-year-old actress and husband Tom Ackerley were spending their honeymoon on the island of Tahiti in a luxurious island resort.

Unfortunately the weather was miserable so the couple had only a few options to keep busy - the spa, pool or gym - so they decided to pop in for a quick workout.

Margot explains to the audience how Ellen and her met in a hotel gym. Source: Supplied

"The whole thing was absurd," the actress explained, "Tom put on these really old gym shorts and they were tiny."

She continued, "And they’re like really short and there’s nothing underneath so he gets on his bicycle to ride there and I’m like, ‘WHOA. Babe, you cannot wear those shorts. They’re like — you can see everything.’ And he’s like ‘C’mon. Who are we going to run into?’”.

She explained they walked into the intimate gym and saw Ellen, Portia and Barrack Obama, much to her husband's surprise. Source: Supplied

Margot agreed with her husband and they proceeded to enter the intimate gym only to be faced with none other than Ellen, Portia and the 44th President of The United States, Barrack Obama.

And just when you thought that the bike shorts were embarrassing enough, think again...

"Tom, meanwhile, is not trying to reveal anything and he's dying and I'm crying so much that I'm about to break a rib," she revealed to the audience.

Ellen got up to show the audience just how short Tom's bike shorts were in a hilarious reenactment. Source: Supplied

She then revealed that Tom covered his crouch region with a towel while they were doing floor leg stretches.

"And Ellen looks over and says 'Boy those were the wrong shorts to wear today!'" the actress joked.

The hilarious segment concluded with Ellen gifting two pairs of boxer shorts to the Aussie beauty.

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