Gabi Grecko posts raunchy dance video

Gabi Grecko has upped her shock factor yet again by posting a series of raunchy videos on Instagram.

The 26-year-old model posted videos of her dancing in lingerie in her apartment.

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The New Yorker also took to social media to blast online trolls.

'Sick of these negative trolls on my page. You don't know me and anything you heard... wait f*** what you heard, if it didn't come from my mouth, it isn't true. & after considering that if you still don't like me get the f*** off my page and find someone you DO like,' the Celebrity Apprentice star wrote.

'#irepeat lol. Dissing people you've never personally met or talked to is a waste of your time and mine. If you happen to find yourself on my page (after you've requested to follow me) and decide then that you don't like me, there's a unfollow button. F***ing use it #dontsayididnttellyou #PREACH #bye bye'.

Gabi is currently in the process of divorcing Aussie entrepreneur Geoffrey Edelsten.

The Zoo cover star fled to New York after she found out about Geoffrey's colourful past - which included threesomes - which was revealed in his autobiography, Enigma.

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Despite rumours that Geoffrey has been begging for Gabi back, it appears the eccentric model wants nothing to do with him and has already moved on.

She told British tabloid Daily Mail that she has started dating again.

'I've met someone, we've been on a few dates, and he is MY age,' Gabi revealed.

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