Gap slammed for ‘anorexic’ mannequins

Yahoo UK lifestyle

This mannequin could do with a great big meal.

The stick-thin dummy was snapped inside one of Gap’s London stores and wears a pair of skin tight dark blue jeans – from the retailer’s ‘Always Skinny’ denim range.

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Blogger Alice Taylor took the pics, which were then posted on culture site Boing Boing by husband Cory Doctrow.

The clothes retailer has now been accused of promoting anorexia by bloggers.

Doctrow wrote on the post: “I'm wondering what the internal project name for this was at Gap HQ: "Death-camp chic"? "Ana Pride"? "Famine fashion forward"?' .

He said his wife was also told off for taking the snaps by a store assistant.

According to the Washington Post, Taylor wrote in an e-mail two days later: “I was amazed that they would advertise such skinny legs — skinnier than a healthy [Body Mass Index] person, and even skinnier than someone already underweight. This is anorexia-thin.”

Gap insists the jeans, which cost between $60 and $80, ‘visually elongates the entire body’.

Last month Topshop dropped an image of ‘super-skinny’ model Codie Young from their website after pressure from eating disorder groups.

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