Gaz insists it’s over between with him and Charlotte: ‘I never want to talk to her again’

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Gary Beadle has opened up for the first time about his ex and former Geordie Shore co-star Charlotte Crosby since their split.

The on-and-off pair finally called it quits in April, after it was revealed Gaz, 27, had ‘cheated’ on Charlotte, 26, while he was filming Ex on the Beach. It later emerged that Charlotte had suffered an ectopic pregnancy while he was filming the MTV show.

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Charlotte and Gary. Photo: Getty

“It was literally the worst timing in the world,” Gaz told Kyle and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson on their KIIS FM show.

“I found out while I was filming [she was pregnant]. I was like ‘do I leave or do I stay here’, but she said she was fine, I called her every day.

“Before I went on Ex on the Beach, one of us should have had the balls to say… We were never boyfriend and girlfriend. I was like, 'Am I single or should I get with these girls'?”

While it was reported Gaz had sex with glamour model Jemma Lucy followed by a threesome with Charlotte Dawson and Olivia Walsh in the EOTB house, he says he didn’t actually hook up with two girls at the same time on the show.

“I didn’t even have a threesome. I was in bed and two girls got in the bed, and the clip went out. I was asleep for once,” he reveals, before adding that he slept with a total of seven girls in the house.

“I’m not going to get Charlotte pregnant and then run away. I spoke to her every day.”

Gaz. Source: Getty

But Gaz says that when he thought the pair had patched things up, he was upset to find out she’d been saying bad things about him again.

“What annoyed me was that we met up and it went okay, then she did an interview and said ‘Gary is the lowest of the low. Lower on the people chain than a murderer’,” Gaz added.

Charlotte and Gaz with their Geordie Shore cast, Source: Getty

“I messaged her and said: ‘Never ever talk to me again.’ There’s so much pressure on us.”

Gaz then added that Charlotte didn’t come back to film the next season of Geordie Shore, and that the girls in the house didn’t talk to him at first, but the boys were okay with him.

“Charlotte’s very good at getting people on her side,” he added. “If we fell out, she’d make sure everyone would fall out with me. Holly [Hagan] was angry at me for two hours, Marnie [Simpson] for one night. The lads were fine with me.”

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