Genius $2 packing hack will change your life

Kristine Tarbert

Savvy travellers have revealed the simple $2 item that they never travel without.

A humble roll of dental floss it seems is every experienced traveller’s must-have item when preparing to pack for a long or short holiday.

And you’ll be surprised by how many uses it actually has.

Irene, for example, said that the value of dental floss can often be underestimated when travelling.

Travellers have revealed the one thing they will always pack. Photo: Getty

“From reattaching the earpiece on spectacles when that pesky little screw lets you down to extra strong emergency sewing thread,” she shared with

She suggests everyone make sure they pack a small ‘canvas quality’ needle and a small stitch unpicker.

“Forget about heavy locks and cable ties on luggage - they can be difficult to remove,” she said.

“Use dental floss instead, it’s very strong, easy to see if any interference has taken place, quick to tie but not easy to untie, hence the stitch unpicker.”

Dental floss can have so many uses. Photo: Getty

Fellow traveller Alek revealed that dental floss can make a perfect clothesline if doubled over. Perfect for drying anything overnight if you’re on the road.

It seems dental floss is also the best thing to have for emergency repairs.

“I have used it to replace shoelaces, wrap around torn soles of shoes, stitch up torn zips on suitcases and travel bags,” Elizabeth, also a traveller, told

“Then to attach the hinge arm of your glasses as it will fit through the screw hole, sewing on buttons and fixing many other unexpected problems.”

The world’s dentists will be thrilled that we’re all so enthusiastic about dental floss.

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