Gaz Beadle just fat-shamed new mums in the worst way

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Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle has been accused of fat shaming new mums after labelling those who don’t lose their baby weight as ‘lazy’ in a shocking Instagram rant.

The UK reality TV star was coming to the defence of his partner Emma McVey when followers accused her of boasting about losing 12.7kgs in just 10 days.

Gaz's partner Emma says she's lost 12.7kgs in 10 days.

"I’m back to my original weight and shape in 10 days,” Emma posted alongside a snap of her flat tum.

When her followers accused her of making other women "feel like rubbish" Gaz unleashed...

“All the negative comments are coming from people who when pregnant used the excuse to eat everything under the sun because they were (eating for 2) had a kid then realised s**t I can’t shift this weight,” he commented.

The Geordie Shore star, seen here taking his newborn son Chester home from the hospital, insinuates that it's easy to lose weight and new mums are just 'lazy.' Photo: Gaz Beadle Instagram

“No one is saying bad stuff to you for feeding your baby unhealthy s**t throughout your pregnancy (take aways, chocolate, pizza) yet you hate on someone eating healthy throw there’s. Jesus.

“Women I will never understand you have all lost the plot... and it’s easy to lose that weight etc.

Emma and Gaz welcomed baby Chester home earlier this month and Emma says she is already back to her pre-baby weight and size. Photo: Gaz Beadle Instagram

“It’s called not being lazy and doing something about it but if commenting on here makes you feel better then crack on. Rant over.”

Yikes, Gaz.

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The pair became first-time parents earlier this month with the arrival of their baby boy Chester.

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