George and Amal’s pricey apology

Bianca Soldani

Living next door to a construction site is anything but pleasant.

The early morning drilling and heavy-duty vehicles coming in and out can be enough to drive you insane, not to mention the glaring eyesore you have to look at every day!

The couple gave neighbours a pretty compensation pack! Photo: Getty

But if you happened to live next door to George and Amal Clooney during their extensive home renovations, you’d be in luck.

The actor and human rights lawyer have reportedly forked out a massive sum to apologise to their neighbours for any inconvenience they’ve caused.

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According to the Daily Mail, neighbours John and Clare Grove picked up an AU$75K compensation package from the Clooneys, which included a luxury holiday on the Greek island of Corfu, and a $50K payout!

I'd put up with renos for that much! Photo: Getty

“It is a known fact in the village that the Clooneys’ closest neighbours were very stressed by the building work. At the height of the work, there were up to three large building lorries in the small road leading to the Clooneys’ house every day,” a source said.

“But the Clooneys have given a lot back to the community since they moved in. They have been incredibly generous in compensating the Groves for the hassle of the building work.”

The high-profile couple, who are expecting twins in just a matter of months, have been working to renovate their heritage-listed home in Reading, UK, since 2015.

The expansion includes a tennis court, swimming pool and of course, a home theatre.

The couple will soon be joined by their twin girl and boy. Photo: Getty

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