Amal 'kicks George out'

Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke

The countdown is on for the arrival of George and Amal’s much-anticipated twins.

But as the big day approaches, all is not well in the Clooney household, with Amal reportedly kicking her hubby out of the bedroom!

Amal has taken drastic action in her third trimester. Source: Getty

Before you scream “love is dead” from the nearest rooftop, it’s not because they’re about to split. Phew.

It’s because George “snores like a monster”, according to a source.

This is the face of a man who

The insider told Radar Online that the 55-year-old’s snoring is worse “after a few tequilas”, and on top of that his wife, who is reportedly in her third trimester, is “up every hour…needing to use the bathroom.”

So the 39-year-old human rights lawyer took drastic action.

The pair are expecting twins, reportedly a boy and a girl, any day now. Source: Getty

“She booted him out and he didn’t complain,” the source told the outlet, adding: “neither of them have been getting any sleep.”

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Despite their evening separation, the couple reportedly reunite “in the mornings for a snuggle”.

Too damn cute!

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