Does George Clooney have a bad fake tan?

Amy Stevenson

He's usually seen looking toned and very tanned, but have George Clooney's Lake Como neighbours found out his bronzing secret?

Despite having naturally olive skin, the 56-year-old's Italian neighbours are convinced George has fallen victim to the dreaded bad fake tan, with an insider telling National Inquirer he's "turned orange" since moving in back in 2002.

Has George Clooney fallen victim to a bad fake tan? Source: Getty

“You don’t get that tangerine color from sunning yourself all day like he would have you think," the source told the publication. "He’s been compared to Cary Grant and his deep, dark tan - but George owes his to a home tan solution, not the sun!"

And while you'd think the Ocean's Eleven would have the cash to fork out for a professional spray tan, the insider claims George is all about the DYI tanning job.

"It’s all patchy because he forgets the cardinal rule that you have to moisturize before fake baking!" Yikes. Nothing worse than a patchy fake tan, George what are you thinking?

And while the actor and wife Amal - and now their two twins Ella and Alexander - are bound to spend some quality family time at the star's Italian residence, the source adds that it doesn't matter what time of year it is, George is always looking bronzed.

Has the actor's secret to always looking bronzed been found out? Source: Getty
The actor and wife Amal took his and her tans to a new level. Source: Getty
George looked as though he was getting some good sun when snapped at Lake Como in 2015. Source: Getty

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"It could be the middle of a freezing winter but George will have a gorgeous tan. He’s not fooling anyone!"

Looks like the jig is up George. We know your tanning secret.

George and Amal recently made their return to the red carpet late last month, appearing at the Venice and Toronto film festivals.

George looks VERY tanned compared to Nicole Kidman. Source: Getty
The naturally olive-skinned actor looked less bronzed last year. Source: Getty
George and Amal had a natural glow at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. Source: Getty

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