An arrogant little p*** pot

Amy Stevenson

Acclaimed Australian director George Ogilvie has revealed what it was like to work with a young Russell Crowe on his 1990 film The Crossing.

While the 85-year-old said he "loved" working with the actor, the crew didn't share the same feelings, with George admitting they thought Rusty was "arrogant".

Rusty in The Crossing. Source: Beyond Productions

"Oh, I just loved him," George told Fairfax.

"He was a force. He worked hard but he did expect everyone around him to work hard as well, there was no give and take."

"None of the crew liked him, thought he was an arrogant little p*** pot."

The Mad Max director added that the 52-year-old was originally late to the audition for the 1990 movie.

George admitted he
A very young Russell in the film. Source: Beyond Productions

"He was desperate, but from the moment he walked in he knew he belonged there," George said.

Of course, Russell has gone on to have a very successful Hollywood career, winning an Oscar for Gladiator.

Earlier this week the South Sydney Rabbitohs owner laughed off rumours he and Terri Irwin were headed down the aisle!

The actor joked that people must think he lead such a "dramatic life" while insisting the gossip is "bs".

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Russell Crowe has laughed off Terri Irwin romance rumours, joking that he has such a

Various reports have been doing the rounds in recent weeks, some even claiming that Russell is ready to tie the knot with Terri, following his split from Danielle Spencer in 2012.

Last month, New Idea ''reported that the “long-time” friends are finally ready to make their love public, with a source claiming Terri is “head over heels” for the actor.

“Terri is so nervous… but she doesn’t want to hide it any longer,” the insider told the publication.

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