Georgia Love's hilarious reaction to anaesthesia

Rebekah Scanlan

Georgia Love has revealed there was a pretty funny reason why she shared her recent hospital visit with her fans.

The TV journalist was receiving treatment on her vocal cords Tuesday in Frankston Private Hospital when she began updating her Instagram Stories, which left some of her loyal followers worried.

But poor Georgia, 29, has now confessed she had no memory of making the public posts — because she was so out of it from her anaesthesia.

Georgia Love has revealed there was a really funny reason why she started posting photos from her hospital bed. Source: Instagram/GeorgiaLove
Her posts on social media are usually much more slick. Source: Instagram/GeorgiaLove

"When you come down off anaesthetic and endone to find these beauties on your insta story with absolutely zero recollection of taking let alone posting them," she wrote, alongside the photos.

However it seems it wasn't just her judgement that was clouded by the medicine but also her photography skills, as Georgia shared three basic/hilarious snaps.

She also shared a photo of her ham sanga and revealed she was affected after being put under with anaesthetic. Lol. Source: Instagram/GeorgiaLove
Her partner Lee, pictured here at an event earlier in the year, found her 'influenced' posts really humorous. Source: Instagram/GeorgiaLove

One was a selfie that showed one side of her face from her hospital bed, while another showed her pillows alongside what appears to be breathing equipment.

The third was of a ham sandwich the reality star was eating while she recovered.

She's a girl after our own heart.

Lee shared the images on his own social media, explaining he thought she might be under the influence. Source: Instagram/LeeElliott

Luckily the former Bachelorette and her partner Lee Elliott both had a laugh about it, with Lee being the first to point out she was probably 'under the influence' of the sleep-inducing drug.

Meanwhile Georgia, who posted once she had recovered, encouraged her 194k followers to swipe and 'enjoy some true art.'

Earlier in the day she shared this photo of her gown and slippers. Source: Instagram/GeorgiaLove

She also reassured her concerned fans she's doing well and thanked them for their well wishes.

"No need for concern, I’ve just had some issues with my vocal cords I needed checked out," she said.

Georgia will be back to full health soon but fans loved her sense of humour. Source: Instagram/GeorgiaLove

Fans loved her oh-so-real honesty, with one even branding her a 'national treasure.'

We most definitely agree with you there.

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