Get Outside of Yourself

I just came back from a trip, and traveling always helps me get out of my routine life. You know, the monotony that we can so easily get trapped in. Work, family, bills, laundry, driving, taking care of the house, haircuts... you get my point. I know it's a necessary part of "keeping it all going," but sometimes the routine can be an anchor around our neck that pulls us down into a dark hole with no view. Certainly routine is not creative.

We rarely ask ourselves during the daily grind "What am I trying to aspire to?" No, man -- you're just trying to make sure that dinner is handled and that you can get to bed before midnight.

I realize that this is an idealistic statement, but is it all so important? Can it not wait? Aren't there times that it's better to say "tomorrow" and go do something fun or good for yourself? Boys, don't get offended, but ladies, we need to take on the carefree attitude of men more often. Guys aren't sitting around worrying about folding a load of whites before they hit the hay.

I know it all has to get done, but life is moving ever so quickly. I believe if we don't unstick ourselves from the rut, we'll just stay there. Grinding away day after day, week after week, and year after year.

Get serious. A clean house or a healthy body? Is there even a choice? It's all going to dust anyway. Do the best you can, but your health is king. Your family and friends are king. Keeping your heart open and your mind dreaming is king. Why are younger people so shiny and full of light? They haven't gotten all bogged down with the minutia of life.

I'm all about being responsible, but life is for living. I honestly believe in my heart of hearts, if people were living a healthy lifestyle, a lot of their so-called "problems" would go away. If you start with yourself being healthy, then you can have healthier relationships of all capacities, you will be more effective at your job, and you won't have to deal with so many "ailments" that plague people in time.

I get to a point where I have to wonder, "Why is it so hard to get people to move and eat healthy?" What is the alternative? There is none, except to be miserable and complicate your life with health-related issues. I do care if you have a hard time losing weight or you can't find enough minutes in the day to train, but I am hear to say you have to. There is no other way. Take the notion of it being an option out of the equation. If you decide, then you will wrestle with your issues a lot less.

Yesterday is gone and here we are now. We don't have to be defined by our yesterdays. We can shoot for more of who we want to be and how we want to live.

So take a flight in your mind. Pick anywhere in the world. Go there in your imagination. Then reenter your reality and begin to craft how you want it to be.

All things are possible if you believe and commit.