Here’s how to get perfect pancakes every time

Kristine Tarbert

Making Pancakes will instantly become easier and less messy with this nifty trick.

No matter how many times we practice the flipping motion beforehand, our pancakes never look anything like the ones in these photos.

How do we make our pancakes look like this? Photo: Getty

But this amazing video posted online by Viral Hog, shows a completely genius way to get perfectly formed pancakes every time.

And all you need is a rounded pan - technically known as a pancake skillet, but you could make do with a fry pan.

Using a special frypan you dip it in the batter. Photo: Facebook/ViralHog

Basically, you use the fry pan upside down, dip the base into the batter, flip and rest over the heat source.

By dipping instead of pouring the batter is perfectly even and the best part – no flipping required.

No more flipping required. Photo: Getty

Once cooked through and to liking you simple turn the pan around again and the freshly made pancake will slide off.

One impressed YouTube commenter posted that it has "changed [their] life forever".

Ours too.

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