Get the Look: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield


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“The weather may be chilled but here is a couple to heat you up. Emma Stone is looking radiant with her hair looking sleek, shiny and uber-blonde. To achieve her colour, we'd start off by placing some 100% ammonia free Power Lightener in Pearl throughout her hair. Then tint her roots in one of the O&M Mineral Blondes in a Pearl Ash. Then to give super reflective shine, use a Liquid CCT in clear that will not only seal her ends but also lock in her tone. This is great hair to straighten and style. The slight layers through her ends and a swept over fringe with a little layering makes it perfect to place O&M’s Atonic thickening spritz into hair damp then blow-dry with a round brush to keep it as smooth and flat as possible. Once dried, spray again with Atonic to guard against heat before you iron small sections with a straightener paying close attention to keeping the ends stick straight with no bend in or out. A small amount of O&M’s Frizzy Logic which is a shine serum through her ends will seal her look,” says Wayne Lewis, Technical Director at Original & Mineral and Colour Director at Original “A” Salon (formally Atlantis Hair).

“Andrew’s hair has been shampooed with detox shampoo and conditioner to give a super clean, fresh finish to the hair. His haircut has been kept tight through the sides with lots of weight left through the top, tapering through to a small amount on the crown. Then it had weight removed without removing length. The best way to style this hair is onto damp hair, place some of O&M’s K-Gravel which is a texture clay, then roughly blow-dry pushing all the hair away from the face. Red carpet ready and very HOT,” says Alan Buki, Co-Founder of Original & Mineral and Owner of Original “A” salon (formally Atlantis Hair).

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