Get the Look: Miranda and Megan at the races


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Colour: Miranda is a sun-kissed beauty and here she is rocking subtle highlights which not only bring out the hair's texture, but also makes it look thicker and fuller. After placing highlights through Miranda's part-line, to achieve the glossy glow place an O&M Liquid CCT in a honey blonde all over.

Megan is our raven-haired beauty and is simply glossed up using a semi-permanent colour in the darkest brown from the O&M Mineral CCT range. This will coat the hair making it look thicker but also giving great reflective shine because in horsey terms, a good mane is always found on a good horse.

Style: Miranda's style is all about a big round brush blow-dry, making sure to use a natural bristle which will take care of the hair but also give it more movement. A great structured product is very important in this look.

After straightening Megan's hair, it is important to add a great glossing product before using a tong to curl the ends, and after tonging, to work the product through again to break up the tendrils.

1. Place fine foils around the face and through the crown using an ammonia-free powder lightener such as O&M. Then put a gloss throughout all of the hair while damp. This ensures even distribution of colour.
2. A great moisture treatment to lock in colour such as O&M's Seven Day Miracle.
3. Spray the hair with a heat protectant such as O&M's Atonic thickening spritz, then place a volumising product like Rootalicious from roots to ends of the hair and round-brush blow-dry. Seal with hairspray like Original Queenie and lock that fascinator in place.

1. Detox hair with O&M's Detox shampoo, then place a semi-permanent colour from roots to ends of the hair.
2. Blow out hair using a combination of a detangler like O&M's No Knott to add gloss and shine.
3. Use more of the shine product in the hair before you iron and give bend to the ends of the hair using a heated tong. Break up using more product to stop fly-aways using O&M's Frizzy Logic and set ends. Don't forget a big hat, needs a big hat pin. It's the only way to secure the hat on the head.

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