Get the shiniest hair ever with this blogger's trick

Allison Yee

There's a secret to getting insanely smooth, glossy hair - and apparently the ingredients have been lurking in your kitchen this whole time.

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California-based beauty blogger Ana shared her beauty hack which will see you ditching those expensive hair treatments, with a helpful video she's posted on Instagram.

Her magic formula? Beer, oil and eggs.

Beer is one of the magical ingredients in Ana's hair hack. Photo: Instagram/itsme.ana
Safflower oil is available at health food stores. Photo: Instagram/itsme.ana

Before you put this in the "too gross" basket, Ana's lust-worthy locks are enough to make us want to try this beauty trick out.

Simply mix together half a cup of beer (Ana recommends opening it 24 hours before the treatment), one tablespoon of safflower oil and one raw egg.

It's as simple as mixing everything together and popping it in your hair for 30 minutes. Photo: Instagram/itsme.ana
For glossy hair like this, we're willing to give anything a go. Photo: Instagram/itsme.ana

"Leave it on for around 30 min and wash off as usual (shampoo and conditioner)," writes Ana. "I do recommend doing it during the weekend so you let it air dry after you take your shower and also you don't go out smelling like rotten eggs."

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