Ghost hunters stunned as ball flies through haunted house

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This is the eerie moment paranormal investigators believe they captured the spirit of a young child inside a ‘haunted house’.

The spooky footage appears to show a ball sitting still on a staircase before it suddenly starts flying down to the ground floor.

To make things even more eerie, a small ghostly orb appears to jiggle around the staircase of the Yorkshire, England, home at the same moment. 

The ball was sitting still on the staircase before it suddenly started moving. Photo: Caters
It flies down the staircase, apparently after being pushed by the spirit of a child. Photo: Caters

The family have been reporting ghoulish goings-on in the home for the past four years, including apparitions of a woman and child on the staircase and strange bang sounds in the night.

Paranormal investigators set up cameras, motion sensors and recorded audio that captured the chilling moment a spirit appears to knock the ball off the stairs.

The team were alarmed by the crash of the ball, but it wasn’t until they checked the recordings that they saw the mystery of exactly what had happened.

“We were shocked,” Andy Barton, who was among a team of six, said, “It’s not often you see an object moving without being touched, it’s very strange.”

Inside the yellow circle you can see an orb of light passing at the same time the ball (in the red circle) starts moving. Photo: Caters

“There were reports of activity around the staircase so that’s where we set up the equipment.

“While we were in the living room we heard the crash and thought it must have been the cat, but then we saw it watching from the kitchen.”

Though the home is modern, it sits on land above an old mining tunnel which the family believe may hold a clue to the story behind the paranormal activity.

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