Ghostbusters girls drool over Chris Hemsworth

Jessica Clark
Yahoo7 Entertainment

The all-girl cast of the new Ghostbusters reboot joined Ellen DeGeneres for a chat...and for a bit of a perve at shirtless pics of Aussie star Chris Hemsworth.

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Hemsworth plays the girl crew's secretary in the new film - due out in cinemas July 14 - and they could hardly contain their excitement when DeGeneres bought up their co-star.

"Chris Hemsworth is easy on the eyes...." DeGeneres began.

Cue the chorus of "ooohs" from the Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon, and the audience.

"It's too much" Melissa McCarthy laughed.

"Is he here?" Wiig screamed when the audience cheered at a shirtless pic of Hemsworth being flashed up on the screen.

Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters. Photo: Sony Pictures

There's one important thing that Melissa McCarthy wants us all to know about Chris, though.

"He's also smart and lovely, guys! He's so nice and he's so funny," she said.

Um, is that supposed to make us like him less, Melissa?

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