Ghostly figure of woman reappears over and over in dashcam footage

Kristine Tarbert

We're not sure what's going on in this dashcam footage that seems to show the ghostly figure of woman reappearing over and over again.

The footage was shot by a motorist travelling on a dark rural road in the north-western Malaysian state of Kedah.

When you first spot the figure - a woman wearing a pink and yellow traditional blouse-and-skirt garb known as a kebaya - she us seen just walking along the side of the road.

Other than the fact that it's pitch black and 3:25am in the middle of the freaking night, nothing appears too out of the ordinary.

A woman appears to be walking on the side of the road. Photo: Australscope

The driver also doesn't seemed fazed and passes her continuing on down the hill.

But as he turns another corner, what appears to be the exact same woman is again on the side of the road, this time on the opposite side.


The same figure is spotted again further down the road but on the other side. Photo: Australscope

Another few 100m further and the figure appears again.

And by the fourth time she's walking in the middle of the road, completely spooking the driver who loses his nerve before starting to reverse as the clip ends.

Source: Giphy

The footage, which has been shared online, sparked rumours that it was filmed by the man as a joke.

Others speculated that the spooky was actually a stunt to promote a new horror film called The Legend Of Pontianak, starring actress and Malaysian style icon Nur Fazura Sharifuddin.

Either way, we'd be steering clear of that stretch of road after that hell-ride.

It comes not long after other spooky footage showing the 'ghost' of a girl standing in the middle of a busy road went viral.

The video captured by a dashcam on the Upper Bukit Timah Road in Singapore appeared to show a young girl standing on the divider with long hair.

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