Whizz Kids out, Gianni and Zana in for MKR finals

Jessie Papain
Yahoo7 Entertainment

Melbourne lawyers Gianni and Zana are the final team through to the My Kitchen Rules semi-final, with siblings Mitch and Laura being chopped from the competition.

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The verdict was announced on Wednesday night after a tense final instant restaurant at the lawyers' home.

Despite the outspoken team being confident in their cooking ability, cracks emerged from the get-go when they served their two entrees: Adriatic seafood stew and sardines with capers, olives and bread.


“Is everyone around the table dressed up?,” judge Pete Evans asked the pair after struggling to break open a whole prawn in the stew.

“Do we want to be sitting here trying to deal with prawns - taking the shells off, the heads, trying to get the veins out — when we are dressed like this?”

Pali replied: “That’s how we always eat it.”

Evans continued: “I have no issue with eating messy food, trust me, I love to use my hands, but the biggest concern I had with that prawn was that you didn’t clean it properly.”

The celebrity chef added the dish was missing salt but said it was otherwise “smashing” and gave it an eight.

Feildel, too, said the sardines were lacking seasoning and reduced what could have been a perfect score to an eight as a result.

The Frenchman could not find fault with his main, though, which was spiced lamb loin with chestnut puree and mushroom tart.

“I absolutely loved it,” Feildel said, giving a 10 for the dish.

Evans, on the other hand, only gave a five for his burek cigars with figs and goats’ cheese main, which he said was “dry” and “average”.

More mixed feedback came with desserts.

Evans was impressed with the molten lava cake, giving the “most and rich” dish a nine, but Feildel only awarded a three for Pali’s family recipe of Nondaja’s (grandmother’s) tespixhe with citrus salad.

“I’m struggling because I really don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings here,” Feildel said.

“I know it’s your grandma’s recipe but I didn’t really enjoy it.”

Romano and Pali had to get higher than 60 out of 100 points to beat the bottom team and at this point it looked like the elimination could be neck and neck.

Luckily for them, they received a total of 71 and siblings Mitch and Laura were subsequently sent packing.

Also in the top four, which will progress through to the semi-finals next week, are sisters Tasia and Gracia, Adelaide couple Carmine and Lauren and WA mother and son Anna and Jordan Bruno.

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