A Gilmore Girls revival sneak peek

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As you all get ready to binge watch the revival of this cult show, we managed to get an exclusive preview.

We waited nine long years to see what Lorelei and Rory have been up to, and now there is finally some relief.

As we made sure we had our caffeine fix, the Gilmore Girls and pretty much the entire colourful cast, returned to Stars Hollow for a four-part series that represents a year in their life.

Each movie-length episode is based around one season, starting with Lorelei’s favourite – winter.

Lorelei still loves snow. Photo: Netflix

It starts with a reunion, not only for us, but for the mother and daughter on screen – and we have so many questions!

Did Lorelei and Luke marry after the romantic finale to season seven? What has Rory been doing post-campaign trail? Is Kirk still endearingly nuts?

Well we CAN tell you that Lorelei and Luke are still together but not married, Rory is still a journalist – apparently freelancing. Kirk is still Kirk.

A happy couple. Photo: Netflix

If it has been a while since you watched the show, you may need a second to adjust to the talking speed, but you will also have some down time with several musical scenes and numbers throughout the four seasons.

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We waited with bated breath to see if Rory was back with any of her original beaus but are shocked by the entrance of a new one, who, if we are honest, doesn’t quite fit with the Rory we know and love.

Actually, Rory’s behaviour with this new man and some of the other men during the show surprises us. She has gone from a one-man woman to being quite free. Perhaps she was due some bad behaviour at this point, or maybe Logan and the Life and Death Brigade just rubbed off on her.

Her professional situation is relatable as a 30-something who had early success that dwindled to the point where she feels lost and unsure which direction to go next.

Lorelei is still the sentimental, quirky, coffee-addict we got to know all those years ago and she is happy with Luke but naturally, matriarch Emily isn’t happy that they are ‘partners’ and not married.

There had to be some conflict right?

Emily has her own crosses to bear with the loss of her husband Richard sometime in the intervening years and she seems to run the full gamut of emotions.

An emotional time for the Gilmore Girls. Photo: Netflix

She is even nice to her staff even though they can’t speak any English...

At one point we even see Emily wearing Jeans. That’s right. Emily Gilmore in jeans!

To be honest there may have been some ugly crying on our end too but the sad passing of Edward Hermann and the character of Richard is handled beautifully.

What about the rest of the lovable characters that made Stars Hollow so special?

Paris Gellar and her unmistakable energy appear early on and she hasn’t changed from the ambitious, strong person in the original series but she does have better shoes. There is a bathroom scene that just screams old-school Paris.

Source: Giphy

Michel is there from the beginning too and we actually learn a lot more about his personal life beyond the snooty veneer we often saw previously.

Luke is his reliable ‘diner guy’ self who supports Lorelei in her, sometimes incredible, adventures and we couldn’t be happier that the two actually ended up together.

Logan is in London (whatever happened to the avocado trees in California?) and he and Rory havea very complicated relationship that might require a second viewing for us to understand.

Jess shows up in his usual casual style but also retains the ability help steer Rory in her time of need. We found ourselves shipping these two something fierce all over again!

Lane and Zac are still married, still playing music, and Lane is still the best friend a girl could have to Rory.

Still rocking. Photo: Netflix

Kirk has adopted a pig named petal with the help of the town when they heard he and Lulu might want a baby – for the greater good. We are also treated to another short film by the kooky man and an insight into yet another hare-brained business idea of course.

Our beloved chef Sookie only makes a brief appearance but it is an emotional one as her absence was felt by Gilmores and viewers alike.

Miss Patty and her dance school, as well as Babette and Andrew all show their faces but just as side-notes to the main story.

There is a festive appearance by Colin, Finn and Robert that makes us a little nostalgic for the high moments of the Life and Death Parade. ‘In Omnia Paratus.’

Source: Giphy

A lot has been said about the last four words of the revival and we are not going to ruin them for you here but will say – they were definitely a surprise AND left us hanging for a little more time in Stars Hollow.

Make sure you load up on coffee and have a buffet of take-out complimented by red vines, marshmallows and ice cream before you settle in for a binge on this comfort-food of TV shows.

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