Gina Liano: 'If your hubby wants you to get boob job, tell him to get a moob job'

Gina Liano

Ladies, when it comes to plastic surgery, it’s definitely not something to jump into.

Most people have thought long and hard about it, and it’s usually over some part of themselves they’re worried about.

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It’s certainly not something someone else should be telling you to do – especially your husband! You’re obviously very close to each other if he’s telling you to get boob job. But there’s such a thing as being a little bit too close when it comes to things like this.

Maybe he should worry less about your boobs and focus on his own man boobs instead? You might want to ask how his moobs are going and suggest if he gets his done, you’ll do yours – you might even be able to get a group discount!

But seriously honey, it’s your body. You’ve had two of his children and you do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

If he doesn’t like it? Too bad.

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