WATCH: Girl busts stepdad after setting up honeytrap

Allison Yee

It’s the latest trend in catching out cheating partners, and now one girl has busted her stepdad after putting him to the test with her closest friend for a reality show.

The footage, which was posted on Youtube channel To Catch a Cheater, shows Christine calling in her 18-year-old pal Tara to see what would happen if she flirted with her stepdad.

Tara and the 48-year-old are seen chatting as he waits to pick Christina up, with the blonde asking if he would come to her 18th birthday party.

Christine is left shocked when footage of the incident between her best friend and stepdad is played to her. Photo: Youtube

“It might make Christina feel a little bit weird if I’m chaperoning,” he says in the clip, which has since been viewed 1.5 million times.

“She won’t even be there,” replies Tara.

With Christina cringing as she watches the footage being played in front of her, things take a turn when Tara asks if the two can hang out sometime.

“Thursday afternoon, Christina has soccer practice. My wife is going to be in Denver. So I mean if you just want to come by,” he says.

The reality channel seemingly catches the stepdad out. Photo: Youtube

“You know, you could order pizza. I don’t know.”

Things come to a head when Tara is seen leaning in for a hug goodbye, and understandably outraged Christina slams the laptop shut.

“Yeah, I’ll tell her,” Christina says when asked by the show's host if she’s going to tell her mum.

“I think she’ll be pretty p***ed. I don’t think she’ll believe me.”

Christina slams down the laptop and refuses to watch the footage to the end. Photo: Youtube

Meanwhile, some watchers have questioned whether the whole encounter was staged.

I've never seen a more cringe phone call than that,” wrote one commenter.

“I love this... Don’t care if its real or fake, I just love this,” added another.

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