You won't believe why this girl got sent home from school

Kristine Tarbert

People have been left scratching their heads after a girl posted a photo of the 'inappropriate' outfit that got her sent home from school online.

The 17-year-old student from the UK shared the image on Twitter after her entire year were selected for a random outfit inspection at school.

Apparently they were beckoned out of the classroom by a female teacher before a male teacher gave them all a once over.

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Almost a third of the group were found to be wearing 'inappropriate' clothing and were sent home.

But one girl was baffled by this decision and shared the image of her outfit online.

She was told by the male teacher that the school "needed to raise standards."

This was the outfit the girl was wearing. Photo: Twitter

"I'm on the student parliament to raise school standards. I am a feminist to raise societal standards and yet here I am at home being denied an education," she wrote clearly frustrated.

The outfit she is wearing seems like something that you would see in an office every day.

Her account has since been set to private but not before it provoked a raft of supportive comments.

"Clothing should in no way affect your education. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to go through this," one person replied.

"That is really inappropriate. They're pretty much standard women's office wear. I'd wear to meetings in parliament," another added.

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