Girl horrified over dress ordered online

Elise Sole

A mom who is furious about how her daughter’s custom-made prom dress turned out is calling out the designer on social media.

On Monday, Dee Lewis, an aesthetician from Rochester, N.Y., posted three photos of her daughter Malexa Maeweather wearing her prom dress.

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“So [the designer] called my daughter the night before prom to pick up her dress, which she charges $300 for,” wrote Lewis in part. “R u serious. Was I wrong for wanting my deposit back?”

Dee Lewis says her daughter was devastated when she tried on her custom-made prom dress. (Photo: Facebook/Sham Sincere Lewis)

In the images, which received 250 reactions and more than 200 comments, the 18-year-old models a white, long-sleeved, sheer, floor-length gown.

“My daughter was devastated and crying when she saw this dress,” Lewis tells Yahoo Style.

According to Lewis, after a dress Malexa loved on Instagram wasn’t available, she turned to local designer Kia Wagner — who did not return Yahoo Style’s request for comment — to create a $300 dress for her June 2nd prom.

Malexa didn't try the dress on until the night before her prom. Photo:Facebook

“For a $100 deposit, Kia told my daughter that she would make her something nice with material she already owned and that she wanted to ‘play around with the design,'” says Lewis.

“Malexa didn’t know anything about what the dress would look like.”

On the day of prom, Malexa tried on her dress and was unsatisfied, so her mother asked Wagner for a refund. “She didn’t offer any reimbursement as a professional courtesy,” says Lewis.

With two hours to spare before the dance, a friend of Lewis’ came to the rescue by offering Malexa her own daughter’s prom dress, which she had worn a year prior.

Malexa ended up using the bottom portion and redesigning the top with the help of a speedy designer and a few extra bucks from her mom.

The teen was devastated, according to her mother. Photo: Facebook

Malexa joins the ranks of teens disappointed by their prom looks.

On Twitter, prom-goers have been sharing so-called dress fails by posting photos of how vastly different their dresses look online and in real life.

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