Girl’s hilarious wailing over waffles goes viral

Allison Yee

If there’s one good thing about being an adult, it’s eating whatever you want, whenever you want.

Sadly for one little girl, those decisions are out of her tiny hands, and she’s left utterly bereft when her mum tells her she can’t eat waffles for the third meal in a row.

Californian mum Julia Rowland’s clip of her tiny daughter absolutely losing it has gone viral thanks to her outrageously over-the-top love of waffles.

Anybody who loves waffles will relate. Photo: Storyful

“I just can’t stop thinking about waffles!” the tot can be heard wailing.

“Well, you had waffles for dinner and you had waffles for breakfast, so we’re gonna eat something else,” Julie replies.

Cue epic meltdown, with the toddler outraged at the injustice of being denied waffles and forced to eat a balanced diet.

The moment of realisation when you realise you need to eat something other than waffles today... Photo: Storyful

“Oh, I can’t stop,” she sobs. “Why can’t I just stop dreaming about waffles.”

Like any good mum, Julie refuses to be swayed and only ignites even more uncontrollable sobbing by trying to reason with her little one.

The video of Julie and her mum has gone viral. Photo: Facebook/Andrew Rowland

“This is a little ridiculous baby girl,” her mum.

“Do you need a nap?”

The video ends with the little girl getting something almost as good as her beloved waffles - a hug from her mum.

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