Girl stuck on spinning hoverboard doesn't end well

Leah Cohen

This little girl wanted to see what it was like to go spinning out of control on her hoverboard.

“This is one thing you should not do,” the girl tells her onlooking sister as she spins in circles.

Glued to her hoverboard, the girl simply can't get off or stop it spinning out of control. Photo: YouTube

After telling her sister how bad of an idea it was, the hoverboard starts to take on a life of its own, taking the girl for a not so joyous ride.

Jamie, i’m serious, I can’t stop!” the girl pleads.

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Jamie finds it pretty funny her sister has gotten herself into this pickle and laughs, walking over to the computer to check if it’s still recording.

The girl starts to spin faster and faster and continues to plead for her sister help.

Jamie is of little help when the board throws her sister towards the wall. Photo: YouTube

Jamie tries to stop her (with little effort mind you) but the board is moving too fast and then takes a spin for the worse.

The aftermath. Photo: YouTube

The girl is still crouched down on the hoverboard as it gradually starts to make bigger and bigger loops, eventually jetting out straight and throwing her against the wall.

The video then shows the aftermath of the wall…pretty sure that’s not how the girls intended this all to end, with a bang!