Girl vomits all over Paula Abdul after dance audition

Liz Tse

If you're snacking on something, we strongly advise you put down whatever you're eating because you're going to lose your appetite after watching this.

A 12-year-old dancer by the name of Tahani was on cloud nine after acing her audition for So You Think You Can Dance...?

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After shaking her groove thang onstage to Beyoncé’s Countdown, the judging panel gave her a standing ovation and sent her through to the next round.

Tahani ran up to hug the judges Jason Derulo, Nigel Lythgoe and Paula Abdul to celebrate, but was perhaps a little overwhelmed because next minute...


Oh Gahd we're getting Sixth Sense flashbacks...


Tahani copped it on the chin like a champ and explained afterward: "I hugged Nigel, and I hugged Paula. And she just squeezed me too tight. And all the happiness came out on her jacket."

And that, people, is how you go viral.

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