Gisele Bündchen's bizarre role during the Olympics Opening Ceremony

Sarah Carty

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen will reportedly play a victim who has been robbed and assaulted during a scene in the Olympics opening ceremony in Rio.

During Sunday’s dress rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony it was reported that Gisele depicted a brutally honest reflection of what life is really like in Rio de Janeiro.

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Three thousand guests were reportedly invited to witness the dress rehearsal and were told to not take photos of the show because they would ruin the surprise.

Gisele will reportedly be 'assaulted' during the Olympics Ceremony.

However the New York Post revealed that witnesses told Brazil’s UOL as translated by Deadspin via Google Translate, that there was a “simulation of assault and even persecution,” during the show.

According to the Daily Mail, Gisele will walk into the stadium to the sound of The Girl From Ipanema before she's robbed and held-up by an actor. '

The publication then claims that a police chase then takes place around the stadium to catch the mugger before Gisele ultimately proves that good will overcome evil.

Director Leonardo Caetano told the BBC that the ceremony will be "a reinterpretation of Brazil".

"We will have a moment in which we will show... the Brazilian way of receiving people. The second is the 'Garden'. Brazil live on the largest green reserve in the world and this is an important issue for us," he said.

"The third is about creativity, the Brazilians' ability to do more with less."

The Olympics Opening Ceremony is due to take place on Friday night in front of a reported 900 million viewers.

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