Glee star shoots down body shamers

Liz Tse

Glee actress Amber Riley has shared a video shaming online trolls.

The 30-year-old had a powerful message to say about body image on Instagram.

"You know, there are just some things that my sober mind keeps me from sharing. That ends tonight," she explained in the emotional clip.

"I've got some things I need to get off my chest."

"Why does me being fat offend so many people? Is it because I'm confident and I'm fly and I'm sexy? Do my thighs offend? Does my stomach offend? Does my big juicy ass offend? Why?! Why?!"

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The *Dancing With The Stars" contestant finished up by saying: "Let my big ass live. I let you all live. I love all colors, shapes and sizes. So, just so you know, when you come on here and you call me fat, it’s not an insult dummy. My ass is fat and the fellas love it and so do I."