Goodbye zipper! Say hello to the sleekest suitcase you'll ever see

Brittany Jones Cooper

All suitcases are more or less the same. That is, until now.

Dedicated to making luggage “better and more convenient,”Trunkster is set to completely break the mold. Inspired by the rolltop doors on airplanes, this bag of the future has zipperless entry for fast access, making it easy to get items out of your bag even in tight spaces.

The Trunkster has amassed thousands of excited fans on the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. Its creators set out to raise $50,000 for production, but with 53 days to go, they have already raised more than $200,000.

If all goes as planned, the Trunkster is expected to be delivered to the first batch of buyers by next August.

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Other notable features in this innovative suitcase included omni-directional wheels, a built-in digital scale, USB charging board, and GPS so you will never lose your bag again.

And the improvements don’t stop there. The bag is made from brushed airplane grade aluminum and 100 percent virgin polycarbonate, so in addition to looking sleek, the Trunkster is also durable, lightweight, and scratch resistant. There are also hidden compartments for travel essentials like your passport, pens, and notebooks.

The carry-on weighs 7.9 pounds and the checked option weighs just 9.9 pounds. Both suitcases are compliant with airline, TSA, and FAA regulations.

Tumi and Samsonite…watch out!

This article originally appeared on Yahoo Travel.

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