Grandmas really hate the ripped-jeans trend

Elise Solé

Despite the fact that jeans have existed since 1873 — outliving even the greatest of grandparents — many aren’t on board with trendy updates of the classic pant. In particular, ripped jeans, which have been confusing and dismaying grandmas all across social media.

For some, distressed jeans sparked anxiety over the family finances.

Thank you Nanna, but no I don't need any money. Source: Facebook

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These grandmas were plain disappointed.

'Disgusting'. Ouch, Grandma! Source: Facebook

One fed-up grandmother took matters into her own hands: “Meet my 90 y.o grandma who sewed my cousin’s fashionable ripped jeans bc she thought they were actually ripped LOL.”

And although one grandmother called granddaughter Kathleen Slesnick Kauffman‘s ripped jeans “sad” because “you used to be so flawless” – Kathleen still found the matter hilarious.

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